What is skiing?

Skiing is one of the most favorite sport of many people around the world. Although many other similar types of activities have evolved from this basic sport, but skiing is still a popular activity amongst sports enthusiasts. This recreational activity is also an Olympic sport, with increasing number of participants every year. It is also one of the fastest non-motorized sports on land. This is divided into different types including:

  • Alpine skiing

Also known as downhill skiing, it usually takes place at a ski resort or dry slope. In this the skiers ski down the slopes of mountains and strive to do it well.  The ski used for alpine ski differs in length and shape according to the skier’s height. The sport is characterized by the skier’s boots, which are reinforced plastic holding the foot to the ski.

  • Country side skiing

Also known as Nordic or backcountry skiing is the oldest form of skiing that skiing involves skiing over flat terrain. Instead of skiing downhill, the Nordic skiers ski over the countryside. The skis used in this are usually long and thin to distribute the weight of the skier appropriately. The skiers use poles to propel them and the boots are bonded to the ski in a way that the heel remains free.

Equipment used

The  basic gear used for skiing includes skis, ski poles, ski boots, ski bindings, helmets, and mittens.

Sites in North India that offers the sport

  • Pahalgam and Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Solang Nala , Manali, Kufri and Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh
  • Munsiyari and Auli in Uttaranchal


  • Make sure you invest in good gear for ski, especially the ski boots, skis and binders.
  • If you are a beginner, then ensure that you specify this to your instructor.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated and eat well.
  • Make it a point to listen to your instructor before you start sloping.

Medical concerns

Skiing is a fun sport but  requires a good strength of muscles. You also need to have stamina. If you are overweight or suffer with certain cardiovascular problem, then you should drop the idea of ski.

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Subhash Verma

Mountaineering Instructor

Subhash Verma

Mountaineering Instructor