Mountain Biking

What is mountain biking?

Whenever talking about mountain biking, one may imagine a mud-splattered young rider furiously riding over impossible obstacles or a few bikers racing down an almost vertical descent. Although it’s a thrilling sport for many, it is also taken as a leisurely activity by enthusiasts. It is a popular sport amongst Asians, Americans and Europeans and they are continuously looking out for different tracks and trails to explore on their bikes.
Many youngsters participate in this activity as a sport, while there are millions others, who just ride for their enjoyment. The adventure spot enthusiasts look for the thrill that this sport offers. Whereas, you will also find some who just want to enjoy the beauty of nature while adding a variety to their fitness regime.

Equipment used

A mountain bike and helmet are the basic equipment required for mountain biking. You can also carry a jacket and gloves that are especially designed for this sport.

Sites in North India that offers the sport

  • Manali in Himachal Pradesh
  • Leh in Jammu & Kashmir
  • Pindariglaciar in Uttarakhand


  • If you are pedaling a smooth trail then you must stay in the saddle. But when riding down a technical trail, you must carefully stand on your pedal, while bending your knees and upper body slightly.
  • Weight and unweight your bike, when rolling a log, or air offing a ledge.
  • In order to control your speed while going down the trail, make sure to use both the brakes to stop efficiently and effectively.
  • Before actually going on a biking tour for the first time, you must practice on a standard bike so that you get familiar with the bike controls.

Medical concerns

You are required to be in a good shape if you need to participate in the mountain biking sports activities like racing. If you are asthmatic or having any lung trouble, then biking is certainly not recommended to you. However, mountain biking is a fun activity with many health benefits. This is a great fitness sport that helps to exercise your muscles and build stamina. It also is great for improving cardiovascular activity and reducing stress.

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Subhash Verma

Mountaineering Instructor

Subhash Verma

Mountaineering Instructor