Bagini Glacier

Summer Trek

April to June

9 Days

10 Nights

Bagini Glacier and Changbang Base Camp

Bagini Glacier keeps running down northwards from Changabang and Trishuli tops (in North-West edge of Nanda-Devi Asylum) and afterward the Bagini dissolve waterway turns westwards where it is joined by Dunagiri Ice sheet dilutes running from Purbi-Dronagiri edge. Advance west, it is joined by the Lampak stream lastly streams into the Dhauli-Ganga, only north of Jumma Town.
We achieved Jumma Town by Max-Jeep from Joshimath on fourteenth June 2011 and after that trekked through Regretting and Dronagiri Towns and along the Bagini Icy mass to at last gaze, in stunningness, at the snow pinnacles of Rishi-Pahad, Hardeol, Kanakha, Changbang and Trisuli Pinnacles.

Day 1

Haridwar to Joshimath
Drive to Joshimath 256 km. On the off chance that you arrive morning Haridwar drive to Joshimath through Devprayag, Srinagar, Rudrapryag, Karnprayag. Breakfast and lunch in transit. Remain in Visitor house.

Day 2

Joshimath to Jumma and trek to Regretting Town
The trek begins from a non descript town called Jumma which is a hour ride from Joshimath.Trek Proportion and lamp oil can be gotten from Joshimath, as further up things get dearer by the meter. The ride from Joshimath to Jumma is part rough and part smooth. Tapovan, Reni, Lata, Suraithota, Phagti are numerous towns which fall in transit. In the middle of Suraithota and Jumma the street is in standard with the Dhauliganga Stream, which makes it a decent watch in fall, yet will clearly play ruin amid the barbarous storm months. On the off chance that you need to stack lamp oil Suraithota is a decent option.Jumma is close to the tibetan fringe so amid evening there will be a savage breeze, passing you over your feet when you land from your vehicle.
The trail begins with a steel suspension connect over the Dhauliganga after which the rising of Regretting starts. The street to Mourning is somewhat steep through the woodland. It's around 3 kms from Jumma to Lamenting and won't take more than 2-3 hours. Remaining at Mourning is somewhat dubious; you can remain at the panchayat ghar. On the off chance that the town senior citizens allow the trek group to camp there for the night, by and by another alternative is to climb assist 2-3 km from Lamenting and achieve little meadow just before the rising of Dronagiri. The place has two particular preferences, one you get nearer to Dronagiri and it would be simple for you to arrange the enormous move through the avalanche and second this place has a close-by stream so a decent regular place to camp.

Day 3

Lamenting Town to Dronagiri Town
Begins with a similar kind of (trail from Jumma to Regretting). It's a well laid way through the timberland once in a while winding up and in some cases down. There is no probability of somebody to get lost here. This a single trail with pretty much nothing or unimportant sideways. At a separation of around 3.5mtrs from the Campground, you achieve the start of the avalanche zone. You see two particular trails, one on the upper side and another descending. Try not to take the upper one as it is a remainder of a prior trail that used to be the principle trail to the town. Be that as it may, it was obliterated a few years prior by enormous ice sheets from the Nandikund region. This has prompted the making of something of a smaller than normal Ravine which will require the assistance of a guide or doorman to arrange in the event that you don't know footed.
The trail is dusty, steeply slanted at a point of 60° to 70º to the flat and brimming with mud slides, little streams jumbling your way, while you take your worn out body doubtlessly and gradually to the best. When you reach there, a solidified asphalt anticipates in quiet expectation to take you to the Town. The scene is straight out from a Swiss snow capped scene. The skyline is spotted with the snow loaded pinnacles of Hathi Parvat, Ghori Parvat. In the event that its late spring, blooms will be in full bloom. For the first time ever you overlook this isn't a trek yet a stroll in the Swiss alps.

Day 4

Dronagiri town to Longatulli
Subsequent to leaving Dronagiri we achieve a wandering way which drives us to a high edge from where the primary perspectives of the Rishi top is unmistakable. Bagini nala too is first noticeable from here. Around 30 mintues after we cleared out the town we achieved a solid extension over the Bagini Nala. Try not to take the left trail as it paves the way to the Kanari khal and afterward continuously towards Garpak town. In the wake of intersection that extension the way again takes a wandering turn upwards. The zone here is totally without any vegetation. Its rocks and a greater amount of stones which fill the scene. There is a fix of green next to a stream which we reach following a hour and 15 minutes from the extension, This is a decent outdoors ground. Facilitate a hour more we achieve the outdoors ground of Longatulli which is again a decent campground. Overnight remain in camp.

Day 5

Longatulli to Base Camp
In the wake of eating we will begin our trek for Base Camp. Bagini bring down base camp is come to following a sound 3 hours climb on rough trail from Longatulli. Bagini bring down campground is a plain level. Scarcely any dazzling pinnacles that can be seen from this place are Satminal, Hardeul and Rishi pahar. The Bagini primary base camp is further up the mountains. You can either camp here or at another better place forty five minutes from here. It is known as the Progressed Bagini Base Camp. The course to this place isn't checked. A superior vision and watchful perception is required to find and take after the trail. Scarcely any signs like group of rocks situated over each other are improved for kindred trekkers for route.

Day 6

Base camp to Bagini Ice sheet and Back to Base Camp
You have to start early in the event that we have to get dawn from Changabang base camp, which is around 3-4 kms from Bagini Propelled Base Camp. Leave your rucksack in the base camp and convey just the important adornments. From Bagini Propelled Base camp the course to Changabang base camp again rises. The street is loaded with moraine, and you will recognize various precipices on the bagini ice sheet.
Changabang Base Camp is a colossal amphitheater. The pinnacles which are noticeable from here are Hathi(6507m), Ghori,Satminal(6911m), Dunagiri east(7066m),Garur top, Trishuli (7057m), hardeul (7323m), Rishi (6099m), Kalanka (6931m), Changabang (7174m).

Day 7

Base camp to Dronagiri Village
After Breakfast the distance back to Lamenting town through Dronagiri Town. Overnight remain in camp at Regretting Town.

Day 8

Dronagiri Town to Joshimath
Slip down to Jumma street head and it is take 3-4 hrs to achieve street head and drive back to Joshimath. Overnight remain in Visitor house.

Day 9

Joshimath to Rishikesh
Early in the day after breakfast drive to Haridwar.